Greenwood/Elk, Pictures Then and Now

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Greenwood/Elk pictured in the late 1890's. Note the general abundance of buildings and people when compared to today. Sorry this image is big, but it is necessary to see the detail.

This photo, taken in June of 1999, shows the village of Elk in the present day. Taken from approximately the same location as the historic photo above. Notice that all of the lumber facilities are gone except for a few concrete foundations in the State Park. Some original buildings survive today. The town is home to less people than at the turn of the century. Modern coastal zoning and the difficulty of finding work make it difficult to expand the population of the area. I've shown this photo smaller than the one above to speed up loading of the page. It takes long enough as it is.

The Forth of July celebration was a yearly event in Greenwood enjoyed by young and old. The line of march for the parade was from Slotte's Hotel (the junction of Philo-Greenwood Road) north to the double bridge (between the Greenwood School and the Harbor House).